TLC Chardonnay - 6 Pack

TLC Chardonnay - 6 Pack
$49.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 2008 TLC Chardonnay
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Cracked one of these the other night - it may have just been an off bottle, but it seemed to be a little thinner than I remember, and not nearly as punchy.

Don’t get me wrong - it’s still got some life left and is a great summer drinker, but with a case of Rhino on the way, you’d have to drop the price at least ten bucks to get me in on this.

“Origin: Limestone Coast, Australia”

Erm…huh? Can somebody please enlighten me, I thought this was Paso juice?

No, I missed the Cosentino Cab… sigh

This was ok at the price point if I remember correctly…I agree it was not as punchy (not as in kool-aid punchy)…think there are other wines that are a bit better at the local store…

Not to mention the fact that you can get a full case of this for $100 shipped from the winery.

From my link above:

I don’t think I want this either.
This has been rough. Here I am willing to purchase wine from you wine.woot but you have given me nothing that I want to buy.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like you can get a case for $60 shipped from that link. That can’t be right, can it?


That’s my vote - not the magnums or the bladder boxes either…just plain old bottles…

Nah, shipping just doesn’t show up until you go to check out. It’s $39 shipping to the East Coast; I’m not sure how much less it is to other parts of the country.

Hmm, cheaper at the winery? Seems this one may take awhile.

I could detect the mineral and floral notes in this.
Not bad stuff for the crap the Aussies send to the Yanks. I gave most of it away, I like Chard but it lingers too long in my head for me.

I got a flier in the mail from Calcareous the other day, advertising a sale on this wine. The price is right ($60/case!), but I did not go thru the checkout process on the site to figure out how much shipping would be. I assume/hope that with shipping figured in, Woot trumps.

Link to the sale page.

edit: I see that k1avg did the requisite clicking. My hopes have been dashed.

Yes, but the winery probably is not shipping in refrigerated trucks…

Is there ever a chance that kosher wine will be wooted??

05/05/2010 the date of their last wine.woot this wine was selling for $60 a case. How many bottles per case in the wine being sold here today? 6? 9? 12?


For 40 dollar shipping I would hope that they do something. Either way, I am not too interested in this one. Just find it odd that it is cheaper from the winery. I assume woot purchased this awhile back when it was being sold for a lot more on the wineries website.

Yes agreed, you nimbly jumped in first on the same point. I suspect given it’s the same price per bottle $(25/3), shipping - especially to the east coast - is the winner here for woot for fans of this juice.

Re provenance: it’s imported BY the Calcareous guys from Paso Robles, FROM a limestoney place in Australia… NOT to be confused with a limey place.