TLC Chardonnay Six - Pack Woot Info Post
so i herd u like!

TLC Chardonnay Six - Pack [White] - $49.99 + $5 shipping

6 * 2008 TLC Chardonnay

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Darn… I need a decanter!

Yeah, I did it. Sue me.

If it’s half as good as the cab-shiraz, then it’s worth the ire.

These are so good! If I hadn’t just received a case I’d be on this, but my basement is literally turning into a wine cellar & I’m running out of room! :slight_smile:

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CT: 2008 TLC Chardonnay

Bring on the Balsamic Vinegar! I’ve been waiting all day - PLEASE! It’s all we can buy in Utah anyway! LOL

Sorry, Guys and/or Gals… you’ll never convince me that screw caps are acceptable to good ol’ Ferdinand corks…

Does anyone know if this is a dry or buttery Chardonnay?

Someone convince me. I’m about to jump but Chard?..

Here you go Kyle M you have been lookin for these…now could I get some balsamic vinegar?


DAMN. Wanted white all day and it comes right after I buy the Rasmussen red 4 pack.

Oy Vey…

Tempted. But, I’m still hoping woot’s going to offer the Pedroncelli Zin Rose. (I’m in MD now and can’t have wine delivered. Have to choose my selections wisely because my BIL can only have occassional wine delivered to his VA office.)

It’s getting hot here, and all I’ve got are reds. Kicking myself for not buying the Pedroncelli when it was offered back in March or April!

Look long and hard for the corkscrew… twist off bottle… nice writeup!

It’s unoaked so my guess would be no butter bomb.

Don’t make the same mistake twice…

It’s slightly buttery, not overwhelming. I bought a case last time and they’re great for the price.

I’ve never seen a screw cap go bad. There is no reason to prefer cork, save aesthetics.

Well it’s a white wine, so even the dubious advantage of aging is lost here.

There’s only one CT note from someone I don’t recognize. Anyone have any reason for me not to grab these? Are they good-ish. Chard is just sooo boring.

Don’t know where you’re located, but here on the East Coast, French whites can be had at similar price points that are significantly better wines.

You know how great a fan of California wine I am, but low end whites, especially Chardonnay, is not where we or the Australians excel, IMHO.