Instant classic!

I love you shirtwoot! But no. And I like ndikol’s turtle style too. But this is not the mock turtle soup for me.

Am I correct, when I see this as saying, “he has his brain in his pants?”

I guess not even Michaelangelo can eat pizza everyday.

Variety is the spice of life.

So ninja plus mutant plus teenager PLUS turtle wasn’t enough for you huh? You had to go throw in zombies on top of all that.

Still better than sparkley vampires. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Next time see if you can fit in pirates or robots or something.

>> Still better than sparkley vampires.

Everything is better than sparkly vampires. They are an affront to all that is unholy.

Another shirt that I’d love to buy, but can’t due to the blank choice.

Love ndikol tees, This is cool!

~Turtles in a 43/100 shell~

That’s what was missing from the specialty ink sale.

And oregano

wouldn’t it be TZNT or TMZT? they’re still turtles, zombie turtles, but still turtles

To those of us who enjoyed the original comic books, the cartoon turtles are sparklevamps. Compared to what they did to the original turtles, pretty-boy vampires are trivial.

Let me break it down for you:
First, no surfer slang. No pizza. The turtles were deadly serious 90% of the time.
Bloodshed, and lots of it. The Foot clan were all very much human, not robots.
The Shredder was a competant, deadly hero.
‘Krang’ was the Umtrons, a race of total pacifists.
Splinter was a rat turned human, not human turned rat.
April O’Neil was the african-american owner of a junk store, not a perky redheaded roving reporter.
Baxter Stockman was a very serious, competant scientist, not a goofy loon. Oh, and he was also african-american. Yes, they got rid of the black folk…

I was VERY disappointed in the cartoon when it came out.

I agree with you almost 100%, as someone who loved the comics long before the first cartoon came out. However, I beg to differ about April. She was not African American. It can be hard to tell in B&W comics, but everytime she was shown in color on a cover, or later in the full color graphic novel compilations of the early issues, she was shown as Caucasian. Also, while she did own a junk shop, she was also a computer programmer, originally employed by Baxter Stockman.

The cartoon that came out about ten years ago did a much better job of staying true to the original comics, at least most of the time, though there were still differences. It was kind of fun, too, when the movie “Turtles Forever” tied them all together. But I still love the classic Turtles the best…

Run Microwave Robot Man! RUUUUUN!

Shouldn’t that be, “Krraaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnngg”?

Krang is a disembodied villainous brain and uses that humanoid suit to get around. He partnered with Shredder in some dastardly schemes.

It joins the long list of failed comic-to-cartoon ports.

As for this shirt - sorry. It just seems like they have a couple of dice to create a random mash-up.

Die #1: 80s or geek-culture comic/cartoon/movies (TMNT, Dr. Who, Monty Python).

Die #2: semi-current quasi-popular topics/memes (zombies, bacon, Angry Birds).

rattle rattle ROLL: Cartoon Chuck Norris on Tatooine saying the “Not the droids…” line. “Print it!”

I wouldn’t call this a totally random pop mash-up. Cuz the idea it springs from the original TMNT property, right?

The Turtles are regularly fighting/after this alien baddie who’s basically a giant brain. Making them zombies is a humor-logical spin, not a random one.

Now, if the zombie Turtles were after everyone’s brains. Meh.

And if it was your usual human-type zombies after Krang. Well, actually, that would be pretty cool. =)