To Air

Nice sweep, I look at it and think bonsai, then I see the birds.

It’s a tree shirt t-shirt!

Nice work Jas.

All those different species of birds in one tree. Knew it couldn’t last.

Actually, this shirt says: “Let’s make like a tree and… birds away?”

I’m glad this one came up. I was the first sucker, makes me feel special.

Nice, I like how the leaves look like they’re made by sponge marks.

Hey jasneko, is there a reason why the tree is bent almost 90 degrees? A figure no artist does something without a reason so I wanted to know yours.

Nice shout out to Jan Baptist van Helmont for his tree experiment.

Great design. The birds are subtle, but perfect. You can spend all day playing “bird or leaf?”.

To Air is human. It’s a soylent tee!

“Jasneko is a tasty candy wafer who also plays the sax.”

Jazz + Necco wafers (a favorite from my childhood).

Does the twisted trunk have anything to do with why the birds are leaving?

Awesome. Bought one… and not a moment too soon, I’ve been itching for a new Woot shirt.

If man were meant to fly, he’d have this tee-shirt!

It looks like Earthworm Jim getting his brains blown out. Bought!

At the risk of sounding very stupid, I feel there are some questions I should ask to understand this whole thing.

I only recently began checking out woot and shirt.woot after my brother in law gave me a shirt from a BOC he got (too big for him). I liked the shirt, so I decided to check what this was all about.

  1. What is the derby? My understanding is that woot comes up with a concept (currently new slogans for everyday items), and artists submit designs. Then we the wooters vote on which ones we like the best, and those get made into shirts at some point?

  2. What is the reckoning? My understanding is that it’s basically retired shirts that are old, or have sold out.

  3. What shirts can you expect to get when you buy random shirts? New designs? Reckoned shirts?

Thanks for the help, just trying to understand this whole process.

This is not one of the shirts I was expecting to see. It’s not an unpleasant surprise, but it is a surprise. Congrats on the print. :slight_smile:

My favorite part is the ninja star at the very top.


Incorrect. See here for details.

Usually it’s shirts that have been recently Reckoned, but I guess it could theoretically be anything

You’re welcome. Hope it helps!