To Bee or not to Bee

What was the question again?

Not that fond of this speech, but this may become my favorite riff based on it. So yes, still a sucker for laugh out loud puns.

Addendum: Just remembered the Omelet, Prince of Denver fun from Chet Gecko’s Give My Regrets To Broadway is my favorite Hamlet riff, but you can’t wear those puns.

A honey of a shirt.

So that is what a bee skull looks like.

To buy or not to buy that is the question. :slight_smile:

Well, I only see one bee.

R.I.P Cheerios Bee

I soooo hope you just busted that out of your memory and didn’t copy/paste.

Come on woot… I bet all of you at the office are laughing at this design because someone else is, and you don’t want to look silly. Jokes on you. It’s not funny. I’m surprised there aren’t 2 bees, or a pictures of a knot + 2 bees. See? Nothing funny about that.

Crap! I probably should have used the quote feature.

i think he holds the skull for alas poor yorick and not the more famous to be or not to be.

Now I’ve got that Lady Gaga song stuck in my head.

“Alejandro, Alejandro…”

Better than that Beatles song, I guess.

“Let it bee, let it bee…”

Bees with teeth? Now, that’s scary. What’s next? Cold defying cockroaches?

What…? Those are real?

“Is that Hamlet?
I think it’s his cousin, Riblet.” – MST3K, Hamlet

Bee Arthur?

Add to cart function is still not working. I have cleared my cache/temp files/cookies. I have tried IE 11, chrome and firefox. Cannot add to card from any other their pages. and there is a second cart that appears under the original cart.

I just changed my compatibility view settings in IE11 (which made the page load more like script and I could not access). But when I changed it back it started working again! Trying adding Woot to compatibility view and then changing back again!

I won a spelling bee once