To Boldly Fall

Woohoo! Yay for the week turning around some. :3 Glad to see that I can own more of the Foxy Five.

My predictions for the bottom of the fog were almost all completely wrong. This was definitely a weird derby.

Grats, Fable! <3333

Bonus: Foxy Five’s code names!

Stop giving scissors to foxes!

Five Falling Foxes.
Five Falling Foxes.
Five Falling Foxes.
Five Falling Foxes.
Five Falling Foxes.

Admit it, you tried it.

Isn’t naming him Fallingfox just setting him up for doom?

We thought about calling him Punchlinefox but then people would think he’s supposed to get punched all the time.

Thanks everyone! :smiley:

But what do they say?

CongratZ, Fable!! This is a very pleasant surprise!! WTG!

Why does that one fox have such murderous tendencies towards his fellow foxes? And how does he still manage to look so cute while doing it?

Either way, congrats on the print Fablefire!

Maybe it’s just me but I’m really sensing there’s a recurring pattern here…

I’m super glad to see this print. Also I’m noting that this one is the first (I think) where scissorsfox hasn’t quite snippity snipped, yet.

Ah, looks like Fiskars scissors. Glad to see them everywhere (I’m from Finland!)

Congrats fablefire, walmazan and Patrick. 'Twas quite the battle. I hope there’ll be another prize contest before too long.

I wonder of the 10 random voters will be announced, or if they will just get a crappy surprise!

Congrats ! Love yer foxes, wearing your Mardi gras fox today :grin:


The “Tail” fox is always my favorite.

A few too many foxes for me, but congrats on another print Fable!

Congrats, Fable!!!
I LOVE this one…it was the cutest so I was totally surprised that it only took third, but still happy that I have another to add to my collection!!
Erm, Woot? How 'bout a pullover hoodie version for those of us in cooler climates? Even a zip hoodie? Long sleeve tee? Please?

My level of liking cute foxes just ticked up a bit, it’s nearing ‘will buy for nieces + nephews.’ Expressions on shirt are a fun collection .