To Do List

Pretty sure you’re missing a To Do, but still funny.

Reference to this:


One of the greatest jazz tunes of all time.

Haha nice

I’m thinking pink! In for one totally pink tee— and the music is zinging through my head! :slight_smile:

Pretty darn fun in pink

Absolutely hilarious!!!
Great design, giraffalot.

Not if you’re counting the sax part.

I sure wish you had the pink in Standard brand!

This is now the best day ever! :slight_smile: Woot!

This shirt is brilliant and loooong overdue!

Totally agree. The pattern is 2, 1, 5.

Are you listening to the same song? :slight_smile: When the sax kicks in it’s 1.doo-doo… 2.doo-doo… do-do do-do do-do do-doooo… (and then the bit panther hasn’t written yet do-doodle-do-doo-doooo!)

Congrats on the print, giraffalot! Will be curious to see if the pink out-paces the slate (thinking it will).

Thanks! The pink idea… that was a stroke of genius by ochopika! :slight_smile:

Awwwwwesome! The best theme song and cartoon ever…thanks for a really clever design❤

Is this a way to sneak in a cat shirt and have everyone be cool with it? :wink:. Cats are always cool. This design is great for a lover of Pink Panther as well as Mancini. Congrats on the print and thanks for making me smile this morning!

This. The shirt is only referencing the sax part, not the bass. As it should be, and it’s freakin’ brilliant.

My mother was a bass, you insensitive clod!

Also, I guess maybe I can kind of hear what you’re hearing, and maybe I can sort of agree.

when does this shirt come back? I missed the first chance.