To Each His Own...

2nd place in the Crests and Heraldry derby?

[MOD: Good catch. I’ll send an email. Not going to wake them up. Update: Huh, someone was awake. It’s fixed.]

And apples eat zombies. Ah, the circle of life.

It’s like a creepy version of those food chain charts that were taught in kindergarten.

I’m not a big fan of demotivators but this one is good. Simple and funny, needs more one color prints.

My first win! Apples, bacon, people and zombies, who knew?

So Apple IS at the bottom. Makes perfect sense to me. I knew it all along. Just wish the rest of the world would understand and not be mindless zombies. ;p

All Companies appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real companies, living or dead, are purely coincidental.

Judging by the zombie’s trim waist, brains might be diet food.

Cleaver… funny… sold!

Holy Crap! A Thought Just Occured To Me…What Do Vegetarian Zombies Eat?


Congrats Benjamin! Awesome shirt!

Poor apple. Happily on a tree one day, part of the undead the next…

Thanks, Walmazan! Yours was good too. I loved little red fighting hood from a couple weeks ago!

whole or half?

Vegetarian People?

This would make an AMAZING fridge magnet!!!

If only it came in a Women’s Extra Small option…

Would make a good apron, too. Methinks Woot needs to have a zombie side-sale in October.

HAHAHA!!! Friggin’ Awesome Answer!

Question: Did they change their women’s shirts in the past few months?