to many forums!!


[size=17][color=blue]There are too many forums out there!![/color][/size]
Theres Wow, and J!NX and how could forget wOOt!? but i u go out there you could find your self sitting in ur chair reading posts for the rest of your days!! It would be like one of those anti-drug commercials “Forums…my anti-work”.Theres just too much to do and not enough time.


And yet you create another thread…
There are a lot of special interests forums from advertising to zoology…I’d say if you find a group that’s interesting, that pique your intellect, that have a sense of humor and fit with you, hang out. The information age can certainly be information overload.
I’ve learned quite a bit from the folks that hang out at woot…from video cards to animal care, to chainsaws. And most have a pretty good sense of humor. A thick skin helps sometimes, too.
Jump on in…


well in any case, if you enjoy a good time and long strolls on the beach then you need to check out AwsomeTown!! http://www.


u know what this thread sucks, a thousand curses on me for starting it!


You forgot Penthouse Forum…