To the Top in the Style of Da Vinci
*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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mario rocks

In for 1.
Great Design, first Shirt.woot for myself

In for 1. Maybe even the first person.

Anyway, awesome, awesome shirt, and 2000 votes?!

“But He Probably Sucks At Madden”. Such a classic heading.

2000 Votes? Thats what I’m talking about! This shirt blows my mind, so happy to buy it, and used a code so this makes it twice as awesome.

I bet people won’t mind buying a creme shirt for this one.

This certainly breaks the record for most votes!

Awesome, thought this one was the most original.

Got 2 within 20 seconds. This was my top pick and it kicks ASS!

Hands down, this is the best shirt in a loooong time.

got one!

My first same-day shirt.woot purchase!

In for one. Actually two… Buying one for a friend of mine.

Ever since blue shells were added to Mario Kart I just haven’t enjoyed the series like I used to… Curse you Da Vinci…

Hurray, in for one. Now to watch how fast it sells out.

This is absolutely gorgeous, even if I don’t understand the reference fully. If I hadn’t grown up in a video-game free household & wouldn’t feel like a poser in it, I’d buy & wear this for sure.

omg… woot shirt is taking my money

In for one as well. I wanted that first sucker spot, but my wooting abilities still need sharpening.

“Too bad kdeuce hit that dude with a car and stole his design.”

ROFLMAO wow woot…

2000 votes … i think thats a record.