Tocky Alarm Clock



When did Woot! start allowing people to by ten of an item? Was this originally a Woot! Plus item now switched to woot-off item?

Not that I want one of these anyway…


I think it started with the remodel. Sometimes they do, mostly they don’t allow more than 3. The wicker charger plates they were only allowing three–not even enough to set most tables. But I didn’t want them :slight_smile:


This is available on Groupon for $29 right now. What has happened to my beloved Woot!?


This looks like it would make a good projectile to throw at Clocky when he won’t shut up and let me sleep.


Why is this better than using my smartphone’s alarm?


So what is so special about this thing? Hurry up, my battery is about to die.


Because your smartphone doesn’t run away from you when the alarm goes off and this does?