Today I learned......

If you learned something new today, post it in this area…it can be anything. I always say, I try to learn something new every day!

Today I learned a new word: kakistocracy (noun)—a form of government in which the worst persons are in power.

I learned how to create a Purchase Order in our new software system instead of in Word.

Great idea for a thread, marlene!

Thanks Chev, I thought we needed something fresh :slight_smile:

This might not be what this thread is for, but today I learned that I stop breathing for 10 seconds 50 times an hour. Or so they say.

What solution did they come up with?

Doc appointment next week where I’m sure they’ll tell me I need a Cpap and then another overnight where they’ll tweak the Cpap mask. I have mixed thoughts about this except that I know five people who have Cpaps and absolutely wouldn’t be without them.

Well leave it to me to be the exception. I found the mask cumbersome and annoying at best and the supposed benefits (deeper sleep, etc.) nonexistant. I dutifully wore the cpap for roughly six months then packed it up. That was a year and a half ago and I ain’t dead yet.

Well, darn, I was looking forward to jumping out of bed in the morning and feeling all energetic.

I learned how to take a picture with my camera and, although I eventually attached it to an email, I didn’t learn it because I was just clicking on things and it attached.

Today I learned that I was right about soccer players getting concussions (there was a medical video on CNN about it). My husband, who used to be a coach told me the other day that the ball was too soft for that to happen.

Poof, I taught myself how to use a computer way back when by using this same technique. So yeah, you did learn something :slight_smile:

When your battery backup dies at work, the power is going to go out before you receive the new battery for it despite the power only blinking two or three times in the 6 years you have been there.


I learned I am a day older than yesterday.

Today I learned another new word that seems to fit well around here:

ferhoodle (verb)–to confuse or mix up…

for instance:

It doesn’t take much to ferhoodle me lately.
Sometimes Woot will ferhoodle an order, but its probably because they were out of coffee.

Me too, nice to see you again Sister!

I just learned that most dictionaries spell the word “aha.” I’ve always thought (and still think is right) it was “ah-ha.”

Oh, man, today I learned to not blame the parents when their girls get in trouble for wearing “N16GA WE MADE IT” T-shirts to high school.

Apparently the external forces of nature are much too strong for any parents to influence…

I didn’t know that it was even a word…I know it was slang, but didn’t know it made it to Webster’s! Now that is what I learned today! Thanks Poof!

Oh Kenney don’t you know that many parents don’t raise their children anymore…society raises them! If its the “in” thing, then its “ok”! They probably had the shirts hidden in their lockers…or maybe they borrowed the shirts from their parents?
I’m not saying I was the worlds greatest Mom…but when my kids were teens, we took in 5 different kids who’s parents didn’t “want” them anymore because they turned 18, but were still in high school. Not through foster care…we just picked them up with their belongings in trash bags.

(not exactly today) that there are 4 pages of things you can’t do with a concussion and they include texting and using technology.