Today, the Red Dot

Thanks for the print woot! Thanks to everyone who votes in the derby also!

Day #2 of

(And it’s Caturday too.)

Egg draws the cutest cats on woot!

Congrats TransformingEgg! Great design. Cute, funny, easy to relate to. Makes perfect sense it placed!

If any staff are listening, the proceed to check out button and place your order buttons are not working. I tried it on two types of browsers.
is there a lull in purchasing? There might be a reason for that.

WTG Egg! Such a perfect evil kitteh :slight_smile:

There was a purchase 6 minutes ago, so I think it’s working OK. Maybe try a different computer and/or restart? Not sure what else to suggest, but it might be “just you”. :frowning:

It looks fine on my end; but I just alerted some of the higher ups on woot on Facebook for you.

Yay, congrats transforming egg awesome shirt!!!
I love that narfcake bought the first one hehe

Brilliant! Congratulations.

Thanks for the kind comments everyone! And to acraigl and mrbignell for helping out with that issue :slight_smile: