Today's poll (things the size of a microwave)

so i read my wife the poll and said “you wouldn’t be able to send YOURSELF in it. That almost seems like a waste.”
She replied “maybe not, but (side note: we live in Arizona) i would catch scorpions, then use my microwave time machine to send them to YOU at times you didn’t expect. Come home from work, boom! Scorpion. At lunch at work, boom! Scorpion. Sitting on the couch, boom! Scorpion. And I’d just sit back and watch as a timer on my phone counted down to the next scorpion arrival.”
That was off the top of her head. I’m frightened now.


Uhm, wow. I think you do have great cause for worry.

Maybe unplug all electrical appliances in your house.


Scary woman, don’t piss her off!! LOL
But her theory also supposes that the time machine is also a spacial transporter. Just because an item/scorpion is moving back and forth through time, does that mean you would also be able to direct where in physical space it reappears…? :thinking:


{GASP} …that’s is Grade A Prime Evil Genius there and we are IMPRESSED!

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I have consulted the Woot Elders and we’ll allow it.Superman II Judges


I…am so impressed. Clearly your wife is who we need to consult when we need revenge schemes.

Please ask her what she would do if she had a roommate that never washed his dishes? And now because we’re all stuck at home, it’s grown into a mountain. How would she handle that? Y’know, for fun and not in a responsible grown-up manner like, “sitting down and having a talk” :smile:

I have a friend who is asking.


Good Good


I got stung by a scorpion, on the inner thigh, while I was sleeping, in a cabin in the mountains, near Pigeon Forge, TN.
My doctor got a kick out of it.
It stopped itching for about 3 days, then it resurrected and itched and hurt for about a month.

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Did the itch resurrect or the scorpion?

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The itch. Terrible itch.

I’m oddly disappointed.

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“Ohio Department of Health recommends haunted houses & hayrides be canceled, avoided this Halloween season due to Covid-19.”

I have the Alexa microwave transponder, where can I get a box of angry scorpions? I’ve got glitter and I know someone who has glue sticks.

Gosh that’s a brilliant idea.



I have glitter and I know how to use it.


This is literally my worst nightmare.

I. HATE. Glitter.

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