today's ubid ad rapes wooters!?!?!


Hey woot (and wooters),
Those uBid folks are trying to pull a fast-one. Click on that link and check out the price of the RF receiver and changer - $299.

Now, click on this link $229!!!

They’re offering nonwooters a better deal! These seems very unwootlike. Any comments?


Actually, it looks like the same deal, but w/ a text error in the page from the woot link… If you go to the sponsor link, it does say $299 for Wooters, but when you click “buy it”, it takes you to the $229 page…no special wooter deal, but not exactly charging wooters more…


So… no raping, then?

Will there be pillaging later by any chance?




Thanks for the clear up. I had enough time to notice the raping, but not do enough research to confirm it :slight_smile:

An argument could definately be made that it’s not a ‘wooters only’ deal, plus, who click through to see the $229 price anyway?