Todd’s Bayou Dirt Seasoning


I could totally go for some spicy dirt-flavored ramen!

Tony’s Knock-off

This looks like what my roomba pciks up.

mmmm. dirt

Hmmm…not sure what you could season dirt with to make it taste good.



Well, woot has finally outdone itself…

They’re selling dirt.


Does he make mud flavor too?

yum, dirt.

I make my own bbq rub, thank you.

This is dirt cheap!

In for 1, just for the lulz

Talk about a bag of crap… err… jar.

Edit: What the heck? baby of cosmos? Woot is editing my posts as I post em… I said B@g of Cr@p!

this stuff rox… In for 3… Better than bacon salt :slight_smile:

Dirt Cheap

Is this the new Bacon Salt?