Todd’s Bayou Dirt Seasoning

Another repeat. Booooo!

if it was refurbed i might have bought it

At this note, I go to sleep.

A++ photography there!

its like dirt but spicy

At least its finally starting to move faster.

Is it made from real dirt, like Joe Dirt?

they made it so obvious that they cut it out with an eraser with 0% hardness.

“Warranty: None, it’s food”

Woot, this is the last straw. You know very well that Todd’s Original Dirt seasoning came with a warranty earlier in the woot-off. Now you’re just screwing over your loyal fans.

my first jar of dirt! I’m taking this as a sign that I’ll get my first Bag of Crap this wootoff!

What? It’s time to get up, the sun is shining the birds are singing, and one of the above statements is true.

I haven’t tried this variety of dirt yet, I’m in.

Very upset that I missed the earlier offering of the original & crabby… In for three of these, though… Love this stuff!!

The earlier one was Original and Crabby. This is Cajun.

This is the one I wanted earlier. ortunately, the earlier one sold out too fast, so I’m getting the one I really wanted anyway - the one with more spice and less salt.

C’mon Bayou dirt seasoning on Ash Wednesday instead of Fat Tuesday!?

No one can use this until whenever it’s cool to eat and party again! Since it’s “Bayou seasoning” I figured you might’ve sold it yesterday since New Orleans is pure bayou and yesterday was it’s big day! I guess I saw someone say you sold it yesterday too… so sorry, but now you’re just teasing everyone who is fasting, or whatever it is they’re supposed to be doing after Fat Tuesday.

I want to try one. Do they make char broil flavor? I currently use Southern Flavor char broil seasoning. It is legendary famous just too high priced.

The normal $5/3.25oz for this isn’t?

Edit: $5/bottle plus shipping…

just woke up an came back on is anyone else having issues with making funky noises for no good reason?

I just woke up! Rise 'n shine!

Yea/// is boinging like crazy. new item sound every minute or so.