Todd’s Bayou Dirt Seasoning



I never understood the point of dirt seasoning. Isn’t that what real dirt is for?


good time for a shower


dirt? sux.


anyone get their bag of crap yet for 4/1/11 (april fools day) ??


It’s Todd Time! (/scrubs reference)


grill season is coming up…better get some dirt.


Totally not worth it unless you’re going to buy the 3 pack. SImilar seasonings can be found in your local specialty store.


Love this stuff in for three as always :slight_smile:


Why would you wanna eat dirt? let alone… why pay for dirt.




Hey, Woot, if I buy a few different things in a single woot-off, but fail to score the holy grail of said woot-off, can you ship all my stuff in one box so that I can PRETEND I got a bag of crap?


Is glad it isnt refurbished




Got two jars of these in last year’s April 1st bag of crap. Amazing for grilling anything. Not so great for anything else.


Does anyone know if this contains food dyes? Thanks!


colored salt. that’s all this is.


Awww, come on! At least it’s NEW dirt!


God made the dirt, and the dirt don’t hurt… or at least says my grandma


does it come with a gummy worm surprise?