Todd’s Dirt Seasoning

Mmmm… dirt.

Just when woot couldn’t get lower, they offer us dirt.


Too soon. =(

I bought 3! :smiley:

This stuff is great sprinkled on corn on the cob!

Meh, in for three I guess. Can keep one and give the other two out as gifts.

Goes great with oil! But only after I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE!!!

WTF, Gnarly

Yay! A jar of Dirt! NEXT!

what is this dirt
and if it is to be used
i can get dirt in my yard for free

It is time for sleep woot off, not for lack of interest, i just have a job interview tomorrow and unlike woot off’s, good jobs do not come along once a month. Hopefully I’ll see you after, sometime tomorrow.

if you bought this, you’re silly. - the price is the same, even with shipping.


In for 2. I need to add to my dirt collection

has anyone tried the seafood one?? I have the original and its great… is this pretty similar to old bay?

not if you buy multiple

I wonder how well the Roomba would handle THIS dirt?..Roooooomba

I’ve got a jar of Todd’s Dirt Crabby Dirt Seasoning and guess what’s inside it!

also, the one for $5 on their site is a smaller size fyi

Uh, what? It’s $5 a bottle, without shipping.

Edit: I went ahead and checked shipping on their site. The cheapest option was USPS First-Class, at $2.07. This totals $7.07 for one bottle; it’s $6.99 here. Minimal, but Woot is cheaper. And, as highwyre237 mentioned, much cheaper if you buy multiple.