Todd’s Dirt Seasoning

Is it a jar of Jesus? I’ve been looking my whole life for this, please tell me i finally found it.

how much time does it take to sell dirt
Bring on the bag of crap
that is what every one wants

Traditionally, the Bag of Crap comes on the 2nd or 3rd day, between 4pm and 6pm Eastern. Most likely it’ll happen tomorrow just as everyone’s hitting the road to go home from work.

I’m going to start my own seasoning company…I’ll call it Mike’s Poop…and then people will say…OH NOES don’t put poop on your food!!!..OH WAIT its Mike’s Poop…YUMMMY!!!

I agree with when people are on the way home
The BAG OF CRAP usualy comes on when i am on my way to work in the afternoon so i do not get it
but it is a nice wish that might come before that

Dirt for $1.99 is such a deal!!! I usually pay $9 per ton!!!

hahaha. You sir are crazy.

and BONUS…it’s good for crabs!

can anyone name what movie this is from?

Why is this Bear Mountain Road dotted like this?

Dirt. Dirt road?

‘Fraid they ain’t got around to pavin’ it yet.

It looks like it runs into the highway about 15 miles. Is that right?

If you say so.

It could work.

Thank you very much.

You take care, okay?

You’re the one

gonna need to take care.

From the write-up:

“Good on filets, shrimp, scallops, crap and more…”

Are they trying to tell us something?

Buy 3 on their site - $20.15 —> Woot - $11.97
I’d say that’s a significant savings!

What would this product be like if it was a refurb?

watch it T&Tdeals might be watching
and they say never said refurbished they said
re certified that is what they say

so the dirt would be recertified

“Good on filets, shrimp, scallops, crap and more”

Is that a typo in the write up or is woot advocating feces as a food source.

in 4 2

Could someone please give me the addy for the site that keeps a current updated showing of what is on woot! as it’s on woot!?
I used to have it in my other computer, but not on this one…
Much Thanks!
Molly :slight_smile:

Good point. I just checked. To buy 3 on their site, I can’t use First Class. The cheapest shipping goes to $7.02 (Parcel Post). $15 + 7.02 = $22.02.

Edit: 2 will cost you $13.26.

How come everyone’s avatar is cooler than mine?

Do you mean