Todd’s Dirt Seasoning

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Todd’s Dirt Seasoning
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Tastes strangely of Dirt

yummm… dirt. I like the Bayou Dirt best of all. Good for making Cajun shrimp.

I got some of Todd’s Dirt in a BOC several months ago. It is pretty tasty for dirt!

If it weren’t for the 250% cost shipping, I’d buy one.

lol they must have a lot of this flavor left off from the previous Woot-off. I remember this lasting a loooong time

This is for only Crab Dirt, right?

Damnit… need the original DIRT!!

Nothing tastes like Dirt.

Dirty little deal

Got one last woot off, this is the tastiest dirt ever and trust me I know!

will this dirt work with my MAC usb device ?

I have to admit, I have bought this prior to this woot off, and it tastes delicious

this is FUN!!! MOST invigorating WOOT OFF in a while! BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM!!

I got 3 jars of Diiiiirrrrttt

This any better than old bay or J O s?

Woot off killer

I bought this during the last Woot-off. Good stuff! I was hoping to try the original flavor as well, but, alas.