Todd’s Dirt Seasoning

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Is Todd’s dirt anything to do with Victoria’s secret?

Because I think the dirt on Todd is that he is messing around with Victoria… whose secret happens to be that she is a man.

does it have Kosher certification?

Todd’s seasoning are always a good buy. I can’t even eat my eggs anymore without first dousing them in Todd’s Bayou Dirt.

This confuses me beyond belief.

Bought 3 because with shipping buying 1 is silly.

Won some awards, must be decent.

Dirt…sounds delicious!

Food tastes better with Todd’s Dirt upon it.

I know it uses Kosher salt…

This stuff is yummy, I started putting it in meatloaf to give it a little extra kick.

I done gone in fer 3.

Any idea how long this stuff lasts in the cabinet? I haven’t bought any for quite a while but I still have at least a bottle left in my cabinet. I guess since it is dried herbs mostly it probably has an optimum shelf life of only 6 months or so?

I’ve resisted in the past, but now that I’m Christmas shopping, in for 3.

Can anyone describe it? Is it spicy hot, garlicky, like Italian seasoning, or what?

I can clearly see the ou symbol in the picture so it must be kosher - but you can always ask your rabbi…

I cook with this dirt all the time. My wife’s stomach is sensitive to most spices but for whatever reason Todd’s dirt doesn’t bother her. As an added bonus, it’s very tasty on chicken and adds a mild flavor to white rice (use instead of bullion cubes).

2 dirty thumbs up!

I guess it just wouldn’t be a proper woot-off without seeing some Todd’s Dirt.

It tastes like…DIRT

Ummmh. Dirt. Like dirt. Dirt good. Good and dirty. Don’t like no dirt. Only dirt good dirt.

Wooters always give this rave reviews - in for 3!