Todd’s Dirt Seasonings

OK, this is about ridiculous up to this point :frowning: About to fold up the keyboard for the day. This is crazy.

$7 for one bottle of off-brand seasoning!! WOOT!

I got some Cajun Dirt in a Bandanna Of Critters a while back. It was pretty tasty stuff, we used it a lot for grilling chicken.

…also goes by the name:

“I can’t believe it’s not Dirt”

Todd made Dirt and Dirt don’t hurt.

Just how spicy/black peppery is this stuff?

The key is to swallow it all before it spreads around your teeth. Then it’s just annoying and crunchy.

They Prolly put this up and went out to lunch just to torment us lol.

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Todd’s Dirt Seasonings
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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No bayou seasoning? BAH!

Got the Bayou dirt in the last woot-off, and I love it. I wanted to try one of each, but they seem to be out of original =/

I really just don’t know about today’s woot off… anything good coming up!!! I want to spend my monies on some good stuff.

Woot needs to fix/upgrade their servers…

this is completely stoopid… seriously… can’t even order it…

2 - really?

That was quick. Yay.

I haven’t tried the crabby dirt yet but the regular dirt doesn’t seem all too different from the italian seasoning you can get in big containers from the grocery store for a lot less.

I got the regular Dirt last Woot-off, and the Crabby Dirt was sold out. I recommend it.

It’s not spicy, or too salty. There’s some salt, but not too much. I’ve used the Dirt to roast chicken and in the flour for fried chicken.

It’s quite pleasant. There are more dried green herbs than I was expecting. Oregano seems like the slightly dominant flavor, but not too much. It’s a good mix.

The bottle is about the volume of a regular spice rack bottle, but it’s shorter and fatter so it doesn’t fit in my spice rack.

I haven’t even got half way excited over anything yet… and this doesn’t qualify…

I’ve tried all three. They’re all very good. Have to say Bayou is the best. It’s got a nice bit o’ kick. Try it on your next pasta with cream sauce. mmmmmm