Todd’s Dirt Seasonings


More dirt ?

Does this mean no bacon salt? :frowning:

I thought I ate plenty as a kid…LOL

So you sprinkle this on your yard?? :stuck_out_tongue:

What the heck, I’m in for 3. 2 original and one crab for the folks. It’s almost grilling season in Michigan and I could use something to put on my burgers!

They moved 1000 jars earlier in the Woot-off. Who knew they had so much dirt?

Have dirt instead!

Boo $5 shipping on small items

Hooray beer!

do these things run on batteries?

Maybe that’s why they need all the Roombas.

Not until we buy some dirt.

Does anyone actually understand why anyone would use this stuff? Sounds nasty to me.

has anyone used this? how is it?

Dirt, it’s what’s for dinner!

Is this compatible with Tom’s Secret Formula Lubricant?

Good Lord -

Iowans are buying this.

This is the best write-up I’ve ever seen on the site, truly.

What is Woot and who’s behind it? is an online store and community that focuses on selling cool stuff cheap.

How exactly is this dog crap seasoning “cool”?