Todd’s Dirt Seasonings

Just in case you missed it the first time.

How’s the stuff taste? I got two of the creole stuff on a whim, but if I keep wooting dirt, I forsee my wife’s hands around my throat when she gets home from work.

If its good stuff though, I put my neck out, so to speak.

why use this stuff???


seriosuly, woot can have some very nice stuff.

It’s actually awesome… Really.

This stuff any good?

good stuff, in for two

Did my part in for 3! Got me some dirt!!

They charged us $1.49 for the Bayou Dirt earlier, might as well get these 2 as well. I can try all 3 at once. Wooo

Omgosh I forgot the ‘t’!

Mmm… dirt…

in for one of each!

fyi: todd is the fox’s name from the old disney film ‘fox & the hound’

It makes it taste better than plain.

Well that’s Dirty.

Is this a dirt cheap price on “dirt?” I’ll take my chances with my Penzey’s collection.

In for three baby. Spices are great gifts, and one or two get to stay in my cabinet!

god made dirt so dirt won’t hurt

Seriously @ 6.99 for one bottle?

What’s the expiration date?

good reviews here…

$5 each on the website so if you buy 3 its not so bad I suppose…

I love dirt on my food - puts it into neverland. Got 2 dirts and 1 crabby.

The first one was the Cajun flavor…which is fantastic btw!

I can not wait to try the original!!