Todd’s Dirt Seasonings


Has anyone actually tried this yet?

I like BaconSalt!

I highly recommend these. I bought two of the Original and one of the Krabby, and they are really good on anything.

EDIT: Krabby, heh… you can tell I’ve been playing the new Pokémon game.


Tried to buy both, but no Crabby! :frowning:

I mix Todd’s Dirt into my burger meat. It’s awesome :slight_smile:

Love this stuff: used the crab one in a chicken noodle soup last night and WOW… it gave it an awesome flavor. Putting the original on smoked brisket this weekend.

here we go with AND/OR again…

$9 for both or $7 for one

I got one of each last time due to the fact that my name is Todd. The seasoning actually turned out to be really good.

Is this what we’ve come to? Can’t sell crap so we have to sell Dirt. Hrm. Seems like a lousy replacement.

Both of these are pretty good. I bought them the last time around. The original is really good on potatoes and onions on the grill.


you need to edit the description from AND to OR

the last thing i want to have is dirty crabs


get yours while they last!

I use these often. I love them

Is this dirt suitable for vegetarians?

They sold out quick