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rock, scissors, paper…

Todd’s Dirt Seasonings [New] - $1.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Todd’s Original Dirt and Crabby Dirt Seasonings

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W T F?!?!?!??!



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Todd’s Dirt Seasonings
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Todd’s Original Dirt and Crabby Dirt Seasonings

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Mmmmmmmm, taste like dirt.

Just once I’d like to see a refurb of Todd’s Dirt for sale on woot.

Its a referb

I would buy more if I needed it. This stuff is great!

Was hoping for the BOC…where are you BOC?

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$7 for ONE jar of dirt.

I think the condition should read “dirty”.

are they compatible with my Mac?

i put this on my crabby patties, scrumdelicious!!

Finally! We’re getting down to the dirty stuff!

I’m considering…what do you put it on?

Original is never available!!!

It’s no Bacon Salt that’s for sure.