Todd’s Dirt Seasonings

seriously? Time to go to bed. I have to work tonight.

good gawd…

I will put this on my pistachios

Having gotten this in prior Woot-offs, these are quite tasty. The original is great on fowl or cow. I don’t have crabs, so I haven’t used the other one.

let down.

dirt cheap
Edit: only one for price so not a cheap deal

Dirty Nuts anyone?


Oh boy! Dirt! sarcasm



boot these woots!

I’m gonna bury my nuts with this dirt :slight_smile:

maybe if you had a bit of God’s breath, you could bring Todd back to life.

Crabby seasoning? Pshhhh…

Old Bay or nothing. Accept no substitutes…

Are you kidding me!?

woot used the wrong here…

in for 3

Oh good it’s in new condition. I was worried.