Todd’s Dirt Seasonings

How good is this stuff?

Forget it. In for three - 2 Original, 1 Crabby.

It had to come sometime…

This is exactly what I want on my food… Dirt!

Todd’s Dirt Seasonings

* + $5 shipping

1 Todd’s Original Dirt and Crabby Dirt Seasonings
Original, Crabby

Everyone loves when their meat tastes like dirt.

Wasn’t this on deals woot during that whole crab thing?

should I be buying this?

wtf? really?

Typo in the header =D
You remember how it felt when you’d here ol’ Grandad talk about what it was like when he was young?

Seriously? $10 a pound of seasoning salt? Oh, sorry $15 with shipping…

If they sold 71 of those tool kits in what seemed to be 2 minutes flat we should be fine here

The crabby variety makes an awesome blackening spice…

I get this everytime, it is great. My favorite is the bayou, but these to crabby and original are great as well. You can literally put these on anything. I actually met the dirt man todd himself, he is from Baltimore md which is where im from. Great guy!!

Always wanted to try this stuff, dirt for me!

the red one is perfect on anything…eggs, fish, meat, even potato! etc… so I bought the original (black) one now.

$5 a bottle from manufacturer.

Well, it is dirt cheap - so why not?

Good! We use the red on everything from fish to fries.

The other is excellent on steaks or grilled chicken. I use it with blackened chicken breasts cut up over a salad.

Really, Woot? “…here ol’ grandad…”?