Todd’s Dirt Seasonings

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Todd’s Dirt Seasonings
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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$7 is a bit steep for seasoning, even if you do buy 3 of them. Shipping should be able to be combined if you bought more than one woot item.

Its Brian Regan’s science fair project!


Is this stuff any good?

Whats next…a Grill?

$7 for one jar or $9 for both.

This will never sell…

I never would have thought that I’d rub my food in dirt… UNTIL NOW!

“when you’d here ol’ Grandad” You mean “hear”. This is a rare error for good old Woot!

Eat dirt! It strengthens the immune system!

well 3 for $11 isn’t bad… but yeah, i don’t need a backlog of seasonings

I see this stuff on here all the time. Taking the dive, in for 3!

$11 for 3 = $3.66 each.

Next is the cow to slaughter for seasoning use. $5 shipping ooooooo yeah

Too late, I already dropped $700 for my Green Egg. I will never buy another grill.

there is a trade off, nobody complains about the $5 shipping when it is a 40" tv.

However, I wasn’t a fan of the woot calendar shipping charge of… you guessed it $5.

This stuff is good got 3 trying the crabby one this time. it i great on chicken.

Don’t joke… woot is based in Texas ya know.