Todd’s Dirt Seasonings


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Todd’s Dirt Seasonings
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Seriously, again? Meh.

not again…

Again with the dirt? Really woot, really?

This would go well in my Bag of Crab!

How is crabby dirt already sold out? Way to go, woot.

They are really pushing this stuff

Awwww, no Bayou Dirt. I’d be in for three if there were.

Meh it’s just the regular dirt. The crabby dirt is much better.

Just when I thought I’d finally be able to own all 3 Woot offers at once, the crabby seasoning sells out immediately

Hey I bought it cuz I missed it the first time. Helping the woot off along at least.

Anybody know if this has salt in it? I can’t have salt. thx

It’s not again since it’s a different flavor

Todd must really have… DIRT on woot to have this offered again.

“Crickets chirping”

I’ll do my part and get three, you can never have too much dirt! BOC, bring it on so I watch others win it again and again Whilst I can only dream of owning on, sigh

It isn’t a Woot Off without Todd’s Dirt Seasonings.

I disagree with a lot of you on the flavors. I think the regular Todd’s Dirt is great. It frequently goes in my eggs and my pasta.

In for three.

Yes it does.