Tod's Suede Ballerina Flats



Who in their right mind would spend $269 on one pair of shoes?


Well, if you’re going in that direction. We’re hoping a lot of people in their wrong mind shop these shoes.


What makes them worth that much money? They would have to be incredibly comfortable!

Also, it’s too bad you have to click on each one just to find out they don’t have the size you need…


What the heck is wrong with WOOT?!?!? This used to be about affordable bargains. Not luxury items that are ridiculously priced marked down to a STILL ridiculous price. Get it together Woot and leave these items on the Amazon Daily Deals or something, not here.


This is a joke… right?


I can see that for the main woots, but this is a woot plus item. I have no problem with this deal as a woot plus.

Besides, everyone splurges sometimes.