Toilet Paper Dispenser with Built-in FM Radio

rimshot please…

O…M…G… is the wootoff really over?? tear

Wootoff over! :frowning:

Thank you to everyone who tracked the wootoff with! we hope to see you back next time!

And so it ends…

lame like polio

Will it play Rick tunes? Please say yes!


I’m sorry but… how strange is that… people actually buy these?

Sorta Crappy…

Outstanding. truly outstanding.

The end:(


oh mama… they don’t even offer these at BestBuy!


W O W !!!

…and it’s OVER!

And what do you do when it’s over…you wipe.

Cute! Thanks for a great Woot Off!

it’s over?

This is one of the first woots in a while that truly deserves a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.