ToiletTree Heavy-Duty Steel Nose Trimmer



ToiletTree Heavy-Duty Steel Nose Trimmer


I’d buy it but I don’t have a steel nose…


You want me to put something in my nose that has both “toilet” and “duty” in the name? Hard pass.


I’ve waited all my life to finally use this.


I bought this on amazon few months ago and it works great, at first i thought it was too thick to insert into the nostrils but i guess its a safety thing.


48 years I waited to own a nose hair trimmer. This one works great, no pulling or pain at all. Gets the job done. Wish I had bought one 20 years ago.


Agreed. This was the second trimmer I bought and it should have been the first. Works well, easy to clean and this is a great price.


Bought it on Amazon at full price months ago, great trimmer but I only advice one thing.

Don’t trim too much nose hair, it’s usually better to just trim the overgrown ones and never to stick it fully up your nose to get the ones that are REALLY inside. Those are good for your nose and aid trapping odor particles and what not for your immune system :slight_smile:


I love this thread so much!


Thanks for the recommendations. In for one. It’s bound to work better than what I use now which is a combination of one of those precision facial hair trimmers that are often marketed towards ladies and a pair of infant fingernail clipping scissors.


I like to think this thing was originally planned to be a replicate Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver. Somewhere in the R&D process, a tester stuck it in his nose and discovered it neatly trimmed his nose hair.


A nose trimmer? Well, I guess it’s cheaper than plastic surgery.


Happy with this purchase. I tried to take before and after photos, but I found that to be both difficult and weird.