Toker Premium 5-Pc Titanium Herb Grinder 2-Pack

For One dollar more, you can get it from Amazon with free shipping !

When will you be selling other herb related paraphernalia? Maybe a head.woot page?

You happen to have a link or a search term? I did a search and the closest thing was a single grinder.

[crosses fingers and that weird toe]

Sell bongs
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Sell glass.
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Woot, I will spend so much money on random herb related items. Please don’t start selling it.


I love “baking” with herb’s. Use a pinch of kief to smoke some ham, or whatever you like to smoke.
I do have one of these. They work great, but are small.

Hey, maybe they didn’t know? If they weren’t made by ‘Toker’ I probably wouldn’t?

For a good 6 months after I moved in, I thought my neighbors were bible thumpers because of the daughter’s “It’s 4:19. Got a minute?” bumper sticker.

I love the fact that the states that bought the most grinders so far are - drum roll please - Idaho, South Dakota and Georgia! Nice to see the red staters joining the party! Better late than never. (No offense was intended, so don’t take it that way, Dude. Some issues we actually can agree on.)

I take it that these are not grinders of herbs but rather grinders of “herb.”

OK that went over my head for a minute; do you think it would work for spices too?

Me too, They are all single grinders…

They grind all the items and substances that we refer to as “herb” or “herbs”. That means both culinary herbs and medicinal herbs, my friend. And it doesn’t matter if you pronounce the H or not!

Herb? Would that be marjoram or sage?

Can these be used for cannabis?

Call me a primitive, but I use an old marble mortar & pestle …
For those of you that prefer the questionable herb, just get a separate mortar & pestle and use it for that ‘herb’ ONLY. The mortar &pestle will eventually soak up and absorb any liquid or oil from your ‘herb’ and pass it along to the next batch you grind…

You primitive!

I’ve never heard of that herb you are referring to…

wink wink

But I’ll tell you what, this grinder worked wonders on my oregano!