Tom Tom 4.3” Portable GPS with LIVE Services

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Tom Tom 4.3" Portable GPS with LIVE Services
$129.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Tom Tom XL340S-LIVE 4.3" Portable GPS w/ Text to Speech

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I want some reviews, this live services intrigues me

How much a month are these Live services going to cost after the three-month free trial?

I bought this in a previous woot last October. I was unable to load any map updates on it using the TomTom software. I tried 3 times. That being said it did work decently and can be customized to your liking. I have since sold it in favor of a Droid. Buy with caution.

You would definitely be paying for the name… I would recommend getting another brand for closer to the $60-$80 range or, better yet, wait for one to come in a random bag.

ONLY 3 MONTHS of service included.

$119 at amazon new
$99 for refurbished

Is this the same one that’s $120 on amazon?

9.95 I believe. It should show up on the Tomtom page hyperlinked from our specs

According to the Tom Tom LIVE website, renewal for the LIVE portion is $9.95 a month.

Good reviews on Alatest for this one.,15/

Just thought I’d chip in about map upgrades!
You will probably not get any for free!

And now the long story:

I bought two refurb TomToms a bit over a year ago. First one was great, and even though after I plugged it into PC, it said the map guarantee has expired (that’s a TomTom way to guarantee that when you bought a new unit, you get the latest map version - they give you free upgrades for a month), I called TomTom, e-mailed them a receipt, and they gave me spanking new maps…

Loved the unit (it was TomTom GO 920) so bought another one for second car a few months later. Bummer! No map guarantee for refurb units anymore!!! They informed me that it’s a new policy they just implemented!


So to make long story short: if yours turns out to be with 1.5 year old maps - there’s no free upgrade. You’d have to pony up another $80 - 100 or so for the map, if you want the new one…

All that said - love my TomTom’s. Both of them. Much better than my previous Magellan, and seems more flexible than Garmin too, although I never actually owned one, so can’t testify under oath for that comparison!

No, not the same NO LIVE.


That one doesn’t come with the Live service.

Here is the corrent one:

It’s $180 new, with 3 months of Live services.

No, the one at Amazon does not have the live service.

It is this one

I stand corrected. I have been shopping for a full featured GPS and waiting for the right price point to pull the trigger.

I don’t think this one is enough of a deal to entice me.

I’d like bluetooth, FM transmitter (so it’ll broadcast thru your stereo) and free lifetime traffic. Voice recognition would be a nifty feature.

The live service is $9.95/mo.

Does it have an internal battery? (If so how long does it last between charges?)

$180 delivered new from Amazon 6 positive ratings and one negative.

can you change the way the voice sounds on this?