Tom Tom 4.3” Portable GPS with Text to Speech, Live Traffic and Weather

I’m a Garmin man.


how old are the maps on this one?

How much does service cost after the 3 free months?

I’m always hesitant to purchase refurbished items here. Anybody out there want to share good/bad experiences?

if it gives directions to hell I am buying one for all of you…

same price as amazon…pass…you on the left!

Yep, me too. Awesome customer service. They sent me a replacement car charger for a GPS unit that was 2 years out of warranty, and gave me 6 months of warranty.



Are these the same as the ones at Target?

Target Priced at $129.99 new

I’ve had good, I’ve had bad.

I didn’t see it in the description, but your going to have to pay a subscription for the live stuff.

Once you go GPS you don’t go back.

Just pay attention to its directions and don’t drive into a lake.

Amazon has one refurbished priced at 99…not such a good deal.

It doesn’t say specifically, but if the “Live” part of the “Live Traffic” is via MSN Direct, the service is going away Jan 1 of 2012.

Pretty sure this is the same price as the new one on Amazon. Tiger Direct has it for 100 bucks new as well!

I have a “Best Maker” (read: HP) 23" 1080p refurb computer monitor, and it has been fantastic. I also have a refurb iPod from woot as well and it has been equally reliable. Basically refurb is another way of saying “somebody opened this but later decided they didn’t really want it.” You might end up with a product that has a few wear sratches here and there, but ultimately works as flawlessly as a new product.

I got a Sansa Fuze during the last woot-off, and so far so good. Came looking new, no scratches or anything. crosses fingers

wow, not a deal… same on amazon, new.