Tom Tom 4.3” Portable GPS with Text to Speech, Live Traffic and Weather

How much does this usually go for? I’ve only used Garmin, which I love. For the price and the features, this seems like a great deal.

Weather too? Nice!

In Soviet Russia, Road forks you.

good deal

173 on Amazon. This is a deal for sure.

We are getting closer to the Buffalo Outdoor Center.


How long until bag of crap?

How old are the maps and what’s the cost for an updated one?

Once again, pretty good reviews. Woot is on a roll today with decent products.

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$169 from TomTom’s site

Saw someone ask this earlier, but never saw the answer:

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Moar cheap stuf plz kthx

C’mon Woot. Let’s have a hand-held GPS.

Does it come with the Snoop Dogg voice skin or do I have to order that?

Line guidance is awesome. Some junctions are really hard to navigate cause you dont know where the gps is pointing but this feature fixes that

I have this same exact model. I got it for black friday last year. It is a great GPS. You can change the voice to like 12 different options. Richard for the win!!

Since this is new does it come with the first-time free map?

Looks like it covers the USA, Canada and Mexico.

As if you wanna go THERE.

I’ve used one now for about half a year, and I find it to be a very reliable device. I had to go through Black Friday to get mine, and I still paid $10 more.

Good deal.