Tomato & Herb Planter 2pk



I’ve purchased several of these over the last couple of years. They really work and are great in smaller yards where you need to find the sunniest spot and can’t plant in the earth.


.99 cent each at my local 99 cents only store and no shipping

So far my tomatoes haven’t grown very well in it. I’m starting new seedlings to see if i can get them to work better.


I had excellent luck with these, and while they are a little cheesy, one the tomatoes really started going, they were quite pretty, in addition to providing tasty things.

This is also incredibly great for mint. Tasty as it is, mint LOVES to take over your entire garden, and will, often even if you put it in a planter. this was really effective for keeping it clearly separate.


I don’t think they list them online but the Dollar Treeby my home has them all day long for $1 plus local sales tax.


Right now outside my west-facing patio are two of these that I bought on woot last year. I have cucumbers growing in one, and tomatoes in the other. After 1.5 seasons, they are falling apart, held together only by duct tape. Even damaged, they work well for both veggies and I have been eating tomatoes and cukes with no ducky flavors at all. I water everyday and get 2 of each every week.


Same here at my local place. Just the other week they were buy one get one free at the dollar tree…


Wow. A previous BOC item returns to sellout.woot?


Don’t bother wasting your time if you live in a very arid area. We followed the directions, and they received water from our drip irrigation system twice per day, until the soil was soaked. They were on the south side of the house, had plenty of sun, but not the worst of the heat of the day. The arid air in Central Texas would dry out the soil far too quickly and tomatoes did very poorly. We are experienced gardeners and thought these a crap novelty. I’m glad they actually work for some folks. I suspect they live in more humid climates.


I got one in a previous BO****C too. May have been a return, but everything was there. Got it to late to start this year, but have plans for next season.


I’ve found the coco coir works terrific in these for retaining moisture.


Hate to be a “Debbie Downer”, but these tomato hangers DO NOT WORK IN MISSISSIPPI AND OTHER HOT CLIMATES!

It has something to do with soil temperature. We tried growing tomato plants in about 4 of these last year. As we’ve had tremendous success growing tomato plants for countless years before (all planted directly into the ground), we figured we would give these a shot. The soil would get too hot in our routine summer temps of mid to upper 90’s and just prohibited the plants from prospering to the point of bearing fruit. The plants would grow to big beautiful healthy plants, yet no tomatoes through the WHOLE season. Despite religiously watering and scheduled fertilizer application, NO RESULTS.

So halfway through the season we try to move them to where they have only a couple of hours of direct sunlight. Didn’t help the plants at all. I understand that Northern Tennessee and even further up North see results with these.

Best of luck if you purchase one (or more)


I love growing mint and use it everywhere from cooking to making mint tea and mint vodka, but how do you go about planting it? Do you plant the plant facing the sun or going out the bottom opening like you would the tomatoes?


I grow herbs by just popping holes thru the sides. I start 2 inches off the bottom with 4 plants at N-S-E-W, then go up 4 inches with at NE-SE-NW-SW stagger, and then 6 inches up like the first row.


I bought the strawberry ones from woot a while back, and they were a complete bust. I still have a few boxed up in my garage, probably heading off to Goodwill.


Tried two of them for two seasons now with poor results. Not good for central Florida heat. I don’t like the idea of an upside down plant. It keeps trying to grow vertically, then bends downward and breaks as fruit grows heavier.
Sub irrigated planters FTW!


Dang. We only have $1 stores here… must be California prices; they always seem higher for anything but produce.


We bought these, filled one with soil, and it weighed almost 50 pounds. Couldn’t find anything hefty enough to hang them on. They sit un-opened in the garage.


did you use regular soil? or potting soil? large difference between the two in weight.


These are excellent, but you have to water them all the time, specially when tomatoes are at their peak in size.
Too bad Woot is selling them at the end of the summer. Doesn’t make any sense to plant tomatoes now.