Tommy Armour Golf Morph Irons 3-SW

[imgleft][/imgleft] Friday, November 11, 2005

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Quality posts (people helping people, awww):
[]pg1, Jerbee links to PGA info.
]pg2, demfourlife posts a review from epinions.
[]pg3, brianhkim links to an “Irons Test”
]pg3, djqtv says “Irons should have steel shafts always, save the graphite for your woods.”, then offers a bagload of Caddyshack quotes
[]pg4, terutt found a review
]pg5, kdaros found both a test ranking various brands of irons and the manufacturer’s description page
[*]pg5, myseafoam owns these clubs and has a lot to say, mostly good

These look like a really good deal, but I definitely don’t play any golf at all. Sports equipment is kind of a gamble for a woot… at least you don’t have to be 21 (more like 41)

woot-tastic woot…its winter though!

This is the last thing I need but I’m going to get a set anyway.

Saw these when they first came out. Pretty cool.

great woot, im in for it!!


ew, golf clubs

are you kidding me woot?

sorry, pass, maybe tomorrow night

here is a question for anyone though, that I have wondered…when I sign in to purchase a woot, it has my credit card shown up as x1234 (where 1234 are the last four digits of the credit card). Does this mean that the entire number is stored, or do I need to reenter it each time anyway? I would hate to have a woot order cancelled because it showed an invalid number, so I have reentered it in the past. This takes up precious woot order time, though, so if I can avoid it in the future I would love to.


A worthwhile woot. Once again, the lowest price out there. Let’s see if I can find a review.

Tommy Armour Golf Morph Irons 3-SW $179.99 + $5 shipping

Amazon has these for $399… makes this one heck of a deal. Here’s the link and a product description too LINK - Product review and description at amazon

Froogle has them for $399 too.

no money to play golf, but good price

GOLF CLUBS!?!?!? 0.o

dont golf thanks

ooooh…but no…litle too much $$$

never know what to expect with woot–but maybe thats why i like it so much?

Golf Clubs??? wtf woot

Golf… beh…

Im still waiting on the cheaper items :frowning: Nice clubs though…

Golf clubs? Come on… night all

1st page!! woot!!!


Suggested retail price $599.99 for 3-PW.

Here’s what is listed on the PGA website:

Looks like ebat has them for a buy-it-now ranging from $199 to $399.

These arent for me, im not a golfer.

Are these good ones for all you golfers out there, Im curious if I should get some for my dad for the holidays.