Tommy Armour Golf Morph Irons 3-SW

don’t need 'em if you don’t play golf!

First page?


Golf??? Sorry, I don’t play gold.

Another night, no woot fore me! zzzzzzzzzz

is this a joke?

Well, that’s different.

Good deal.

I’d rather get a driver

golf clubs!!!


Looks like a nice set . . . to bad golf is horrible

Another nice Woot, but have to pass on this one.
Tempting, though. . .
I can’t golf here.

hmmm…never heard of this brand.

awww man, goodnight. But don’t take this the wrong way woot, I still love you.

Still holding out for the first woot but you have a genius idea here… I really want to buy something from you and I look for excuses as to why I need 100 dollar headphones (couldn’t find one good enough).

Almost got me on the sushi maker but I know im to lazy to use it.

Let’s see a… well shoot if I knew I would have bought it on ebay which is why I’m here everynight after 10.

oh and PS - I wanted the wine SOOOOOO bad. I would have ordered the max legal limit… Damn being 10 months shy of 21.

no love for us lefties?

I don’t golf, not for me.

Golf clubs? Doesn’t that sort of indicate that some Wooters actually venture out into the sunlight?

Golf Clubs on Woot? Give us a break already…

i stop checking woot, if they are going to continue to sell things like this… out of ideals to sell ha woot? well i will pass this one, cya…

:frowning: more wasted sleep time …woot night all

I am in for the clubs.