Tommy Bahama Journey Bag

Which one is the murse?

Anyone know if the messenger bag would be a good photographer’s bag?

I have a few lenses I want to have easy access to.

Could the messenger bag hold a 15" laptop?

Also, are these mens or womens?

Sooooo… are these for the professional that wants to show off his inner biker?

How about something for the guy who wants to get in touch with his masculine side?

Would i have to buy any type of oil or solvent to keep the leather looking new? or is there any protectant on it to make sure it keeps looking fresh and not worn out after awhile?

Definitely the Messenger Bag.

They look and sound like nice bags for the price.

The thing I don’t get - and I see this a lot with women’s more expensive purses - why do they come in a protective bag? These are supposed to be sturdy bags up to everyday use which usually involves some wear and tear. The flimsy protective bag is to, what? Protect it from getting its first little scratch so you get to do it yourself?

Correct. Female here and I’d like the Messenger Bag.

If these bags are so delicate that they each come with a protective cover, then wouldn’t it be safest if we never took them out of the closet?

Or, better yet, maybe we should keep them safe in the warehouse where they’re currently located. That way we don’t have to worry about the damage that SmartPost might inflict upon them.

I’m sure there are lots of methods. Just keep it clean with a damp cloth. If the leather starts to look like it’s drying or you want to mellow a scratch there are lots of leather oils and creams to keep it supple and minimize scratches (which, of course, are said to give your bag character). Woot Info Post is error

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Some more pictures of the briefcase there. Not crazy about the liner, but I’m in for one. $80 for a decent leather shoulder bag is a pretty good deal.

From this site: - (Measures 14" W x 14" H x 4") - if this is correct… no, it can’t do a 15"… i’m hoping that my 13" fits without being too snug :confused:

If you’re looking for a camera bag, check out Lowepro. Their bags are made specifically for photography use, and they’re just unbeatable. You can move Velcroed inserts so that each lens is securely padded, yet still easy to get to. You can configure the inside top of some of the bags so that a SLR body sits on the top with the attached lens in a padded channel pointing down, so it becomes like a holster for your camera. And even with the top unzipped and ready for action, your camera is completely protected and cannot tumble out. They’re really the best.

Oh yeah, this forum is about the Tommy Bahama bags. Um…one downside of the Lowepro bags is that none of them look like a Murse.


can i get just the protective cover?

can i get a bag for that?

wow. i think i’m cured. used to be i couldn’t resist stuff with palm tree prints… and then i saw the interior pix of these…

but seriously, folks, can someone tell me: are these made for horses? maybe from horses? are they sposeta look like horses? ‘cuz i’m readin’ the description, and i’ll be hornswoggled iffen i know what this means:

please stop hornswoggling me.