Tommy Bahama Journey Briefcase

oh god

First, suckas!


what do you think Gale?

shit. again?

This went over really well last night…

here we go again

HAHAHA! Another murse!

Better buy this .It is going to be a LONG LONG journey.

You know what’d be great to put in that briefcase? A bunch of cheap crap, that’s for sure. Wonder where I could find some…

Too expensive! Don’t they have the refurb ones?

I just headbutted myself in the face.

How much is Tommy Bahama paying to have Woot pawn off their crap on this site? Put a pair of their sunglasses up and I might buy it. But their luggage is posterior-maximus ugly.

Seriously? come on

no additional pictures? i want to see inside the compartments.

this would be like buying a home without looking at the rooms!!

briefcase of charcoal

Crappy Bag…Not what I was looking for.

Tommy Bahama really, really, really likes to be a party pooper doesn’t he?

Nice! Get ready for two hours of trolling.

Why so many luggage items?