Tommy Bahama Luggage 28” Expandable Rolling Upright

oh god… not these again.

nooo please nooo not again

Luggage = FAIL

well its a bag of something.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw this brown thing pop up. I thought it was a Bag of Crap, well I was half right.

Fairly pricey for 1 piece of luggage…

Oh no, not the luggage again! The only time I would need this is in about 27 hours, and shipping will not get it here in time, so… do not want!

HDMI cables! HDMI cables! pounds fork on table

nice! buy 3…!

relliK tooW

Great for that Nassau trip

no… woot is quite capable of breaking itself. :slight_smile:

Funniest post of the day :slight_smile:

How grumpy would you be if you spent 50 bucks more than this during the last woot off.

BTW, then it took hours to sell 21 bags. This could be a while.

I love their shirts and their restaurants, but everything else is just okay.


WTH! Do they really think the average wooter is between the ages 60-80 years old and would buy this?

W00t Killer extraordinaire!

You know if you have drank a lot of wine from tonight this looks like a BOC

Sweet, I can go to walmart and not miss anything!~