Tommy Bahama Luggage 28” Expandable Rolling Upright

Does this mean at least 2 days?

Bought 3… j/k
We need better woots :X

Great Caesar’s Ghost, that thing is really ugly on the inside. Like that hooker on Hollywood Blvd.

I find this luggage to be ugly. just ugly.

Can this be used as a portable bathroom?

it would be worth it if it came with an amtrak ticket, too.

Just the small picture got my excited for a second. :frowning:

O M G that is all I can say…

There it is!! What would a Woot-off be without the Tommy Bahama bag?! Too bad its not full of Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)

Please, someone with disposable income, go in for 10!

+1 on how great the “Bag of something” comment was.

ugh. it’s back. yippee

Sell out in: Calculating…

well, this’ll take a while. Later wooters! :wink:

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I love woot-offs. And I’m not complaining, but my last boggy old creature was less than impressive. Check out my video

oh wow this is great!!
everybody should hurry up and buy three

  • quick before there all gone*

ugly enough for me, in for 1.


Speed to first woot: 2m 44.166s

These definitely are not Bags of crap!

I give up… I have waited all day for this so called brown bag special (or some other fun way of saying it).

I need to sleep.