Tommy Bahama Luggage 28” Expandable Rolling Upright

will be gone before you know it, if you go out and drink until last call that is.

One of them has sold in 3 minutes for .7%, with my calculations…there is 140 more of these things

Judging by the progress bar… they have a lot of these… Come on screaming monkey or usb woot lights!

Wootalyzer says 6+ hours…think I’ll go make some Bahama Mamas!


Apparently texans love these, as they are the only state lit up on the map so far…

looks like there are about 80 of these from the status bar… a Blast of Confetti would be nice

Its the end of the woot as we know it… and i feel fine…

it’s literally a bag of crap…literally…

hopefully this one goes by fast

Great candidate for

WTF, I want good crap

My prediction

I think this is very fashionable for an old person. I’m 22, I wouldn’t use it. But if I saw an old couple using them, I’d think that they retained great fashion sense, despite their age.

Goodnight everyone, thank you for playing, the Woot-off will resume sometime tomorrow!

This piece of Luggage has many uses!

  • To hide your dog in and have hours of fun watching the luggage move around!
  • To hide your Boggy Old Creatures from your inlaws
  • To stash all your woot-off items when you visit your inlaws
  • To hide your inlaws toiletries in
  • To hide your inlaws in
  • To hide yourself from your inlaws

And if you buy 3 it’s triple the fun!

25" is on sale for 188 at boscov’s.

$99 is a good deal, it’s designer luggage. If they had additional pieces I would buy it for my Australia trip. :frowning:

If I buy this for each of us and can’t find matching pieces discounted because it’s not being manufactured anymore, I’m SOL.

If you need a large, attractive, designer suitcase I recommend it. A relative has this same full set that they paid over $2800.00 for. It’s held up through 5 vacations so far. He’s ordering 2 of these for spares but they by fly private jet everywhere, no worries about extra baggage.

I’m only a business or first class flyer off my miles, so I have to watch what I bring.

Gees…exactly how much luggage can Woot sell?

What the

they changed my post

This is the kind of luggage you buy because it’s so ugly noone would steal it!

perfect fathers day gift. you should buy three for your fathers.

I finally get to my hotel so I can watch the woot-off, and this snoozer shows up.

Wootalyzer says we have 2-1/2 hours to snore through this…