Tommy Bahama Luggage 28” Expandable Rolling Upright

Wow, who knew luggage could be so ugly?

Think of it as an iPad case.

Have pity on the buyer. Big boxes, have to sell it a price point four times higher than a Brady Bunch Rolling Family Expandable Rolling Upright that was made in the same factory. And they’ll lose money shipping these for $5. Does Texas belive in pity?

You Just HAD to ASK Didn’t You?

Aw man and we were on a bit of a roll too.

Insert a photo of me being sad here.

Take along on your trip to Uglytown.

Once you check out a suitcase called “skyroll” you wont buy anything else. I can’t believe how much luggage I replaced with mine, and it was $99.


all you tools who post that “this” sucks, SUCK!!. Best luggage i’ve ever head… buy one.

time for cute cat pictures

Sell out in: 2 hours, 3 minutes

That will be tomorrow at 2:00 P.M Central Time. I’m not joking. :wink:

Guess I won’t be getting to sleep at 10:00 after all. But oh man my heart skipped a beat when i saw the little image. Then I died a little inside when i realized what it was.

Quality Post?

420 views is way too many. That there is one weak bonehead video. I thought you were going to actually show what you got, not just do a small bag gag.

El Touristo check in stuff. Piss everybody off if you carry this on the plane.

These fucking things always bring Woot-Offs to a grinding halt.

I get the feeling you don’t like your inlaws much…

What is the weight?