Tommy Bahama Luggage 28” Expandable Rolling Upright


And now the luggage…

Someone called this. They cursed us!!

Ahh the woot sleep timer has occured. Night all.

Guess it’s time for a nap now. I should be able to get a good hour or so.

finally bed time

WTF is the Shit

Ditto that… thanks Woot, the eyelids were growing heavy…

I wanted one to visit Iceland. But then i remembered. I don’t want a crappy bag, i want a bag o crap!

In case anyone from the last 4 woot-offs still doesn’t have one of these… now’s your chance. Buy 3, already!

time for me to run to the closest body of water with ankle weights on

i give up…all i wanted was a good pair of headphones or mystery gift…

See ya at breakfast!!

Some chap did predict this. Darnit! At least I am at ‘work’ and can wait for this to pass.

This is a very nice piece of luggage actually…

Why would I want luggage that tells the world I’m a middle aged man with too much facial hair and a leadership role in a fast dissolving business?

Well I am packing my Tommy Bahama 28” Expandable Rolling Upright Luggage and getting the h*%$ out of this woot off.

lol, no one has bought one yet.

Hey, here’s a novel idea. How about 750 Bits O Crust at 5am and repeat at 5pm?? Give some of mignighters a fighting chance…just a thought.