Tomorrow the World!!!

Cats… always trying to take over the world…

Sweet! As tired as I was, I stayed up hoping this would be printed! Of course I had to be the first sucker on this one! Thanks woot for not disappointing me! This makes staying up worth it! And today will be a good day, because I know this shirt will be on it’s way to me soon! :slight_smile:

And now my cats are saying, “Today a nap, Tomorrow the world!” Meow meow meow…

I was just doing a catalog search for Walmazan, AND I’m wearing Apocalyptus right now. This shirt, somehow, speaks to me.

This cat was previously seen reading this book

…The same thing we do every night, Pinky - Try to take over the World!

Good news: I’m not allergic to felis walmazanis.

For the record, a cat in goggles is always alright in my book!

Love the colors and Congrats on the print!


Just pondering, how many ‘first sucker’ are you up to now? You’ve got to be getting close, if not even more than even me now …

Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

Oh, I’d go count, but I’m way too tired for that! But, I’ve only been doing this woot thing for about a year now, so I don’t know, you might still be far ahead of me, but I am working on it, lol! :slight_smile:

Congrats Wences!

I’ve always had ambitions to take over the world…my “Mwahahahaha!” evil genius laugh isn’t to par yet. I need to work on that. After my nap of course.


Adorable cat, Wences! Unbortunatwely, I achoo dhink - for sniff be! - it might be bore like “Today, allwergy medication. Tomorrow sneeze Da World!”

Usually cats dream of taking over the world when they are a slumber.
In this case, the cat is fully conscious. I’m afraid…

YAY!!! another science shirt to go under my daughters lab coat.

This shirt was approved by my cats.
Who say they are already in charge.
and they are. here anyways.

time to woot myself one or two or three…

Nicely done!

Hooray for science and cats! Double win, Wences!