Tom's Secret Formula Lubricant - 2 Pack


LUBE??? The End Is Truly Near

Cool! Does it work with a mac?

Maybe it will slide by faster?

All purpose…

is it external use only?

finally something I need

Tom says it does

so, uh…can this be used on human ‘moving parts’?

uhho, woot’s selling lube.

Up next: refurbished condoms :slight_smile:

You should see what happens when you spray this on those knives…

I wonder if this could be used for the back door?

Could have used this last night.

I was just thinking last night about how I’m in need of some new lube…

Stupid squeaky bedroom door!

I love it when the description “goes there” - and pushes it ten miles further down the hill than my first reaction to the product.

A 2 pack of party in a can? awesome!

BOHICA grease

So it’s really all purpose and “garage-door” is a euphemism?